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Double Your Process Efficiency and Reduce cost of Processing by 20%

Digitizing Workflows gives an Organization an undisputed Edge in managing their Processes at Higher levels of efficiency by reducing Rework, empowering Employees to make better decisions, and by reducing the cost of Processing the Workflows, as all Documents and Checklists are now scanned instead of having a physical copy attached to the Process.


A Workflow is a sequence of systemized tasks that processes a set of data. Workflows occur across every kind of business and industry. Anytime data is passed between humans and/or systems, a workflow is created. Workflows are the paths that describe how something goes from being undone to done, or from being raw to processed.

eDGEVANTAGE is an integrated workflow, document management, and decision support platform marketed by S. P. Solutions. eDGEVANTAGE works by taking a process, breaking it down into component tasks, and assigning these tasks to an individual or a group. eDGEVANTAGE uses various data and allows customizable Logic to be defined to manage task assignment, while tracking both queue time and task time for each and every task performed.

eDGEVANTAGE gives you control over the processes and visibility with several tools available to track exactly where in the process a specific instance is, and low long each task has taken.

Rework is one of the key inefficiencies within a process and eDGEVANTAGE has a specific reports measuring the amount of Rework created user wise and also the reasons the said Rework was created. This allows a company to track and manage the root cause for rework which in most instances is training and knowledge related.

Most workflow systems available today including Microsoft Share Point enable the automation of simple processes. However, the key difference with eDGEVANTAGE is that it primarily designed to automate complex processes, with complex logic, while giving businesses the ability to process several different sections of the process parallelly, thus reducing the final TAT.

eDGEVANTAGE is also designed to manage inter-departmental handshakes by ensuring minimum requirements are met before allowing a process to be passed from pone department to another.

User interfaces and forms are designed to capture all data and information to support processing of data and generate critical reports and dashboards

eDGEVANTAGE now comes with an integrated suite of mobile apps to automate specific tasks and enable our customers to perform tasks beyond traditional boundaries of the office premises where traditional workflows run.


Documents are an integral part of any Process, and with eDGEVANTAGE you can attach any digital document to the process and make it available for staff during Processing. The System can also generate documents based on templates and deliver them to Clients via email automatically, or even allow these documents to be printed and delivered to Clients.

The Knowledge Portal allows you to search for and view documents which have been scanned into the system or generated by the system within a setup of Virtual Files, such as Customer Ref, NIC, PO Number and various other indexing criteria.

Documents can also be accessed using the Scoreboard Function, where all documents and pictures added to a Process in the forms provided can be viewed within the Form itself.

Manage all Documents using an Integrated DMS framework
View documents in a Virtual folder structure
View Documents is a customizable panel format


Workflows are automated Processes on the rationale that by automating the mundane, Users can focus on making proper decisions. The decision support functions we provide via eDGEVANTAGE set us apart from most other Workflow and DMS systems in the market.

Decision support can some in the form of:

Data on the customer request
Data on the customer profile
CRIB data for lending workflows
Score cards
Disposable Income calculations
Budget utilizations
Leave entitlement and availability data
Company performance data

Today data is not merely a set of figures and numbers, eDGEVANTAGE is able to convert these to graphs and charts so that data is presented pictorially for single glace decision making.

By providing Decision Support functionality we offer a product that not only functions as a workflow and manages the process and captures turn-around-times, but also provides a functional platform that actually supports users in completing assigned tasks and making decisions. The data is also used to route and drive the workflows, thus making the system somewhat intelligent in how it manages a process ensuring optimum efficiency.

We go to great lengths to create user interfaces that enable our clients to process customer requests expeditiously and efficiently, actioning the customer requests using the platform. We also integrate all data entered in the forms into the applicable core system via web-services and other integrations, negating the need to duplicate work for Users.

Data in respect of the specific Workflow can be represented as well as other Information and documents that are required to support users in making quick and accurate decisions.

Why Automate Processes?

To answer the question “Why Automate Processes?”, The following are the obvious benefits that can be derived:

  1. Ensure the Process is followed every time
  2. Locate any instance (regardless of where it is) in the Process using the Scoreboard function
  3. Make any documents which are part of the process available for all Users while the Process is active
  4. Capture queue times and Processing time for each and every task
  5. Highlight Rework by reason and by User to manage knowledge gaps and improve Processing efficiency
  6. Automate all internal checklists and validate inter-departmental handshakes
  7. Take the pain out of Data entry through side by side screens designed to make Data entry easier. (Example: Single screen data entry interfaces are designed to help Users speed up the Process)
  8. Use OCR / ICR to extract data from hand-written documents using template based extraction
  9. Use front-end screens to enable customers to complete the data entry – print and then scan documents so that the regulatory need for hard copies can be met
  10. View all documents added to a Process instance in virtual folders by Request, Customer refference, or any other indexing criteria
  11. Manage, box, and archive all hard copy Documents using the Workflow
  12. Design your workflows using Microflows to enhance control and visibility and give the customer the additional benefit of Processes that can tolerate multiple exceptions.
  13. Design and view Processes on dashboards that report against agreed KPI’s
  14. Use gamification to motivate Sales and Other front-line staff as well as Back-office Staff and improve performance. (Example: Leader-Boards that provide Competition and report Performance in real-time.)

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