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Purchase Edge

Purchase Edge is an integrated workflow and document management based procurement platform. Purchase Edge facilitates creation of purchase requisitions, a full functional vendor management portal, a composite management panel that helps view and manage multiple procurement projects using a range of sub workflows. A document repository, a document generator for Purchase Orders and GRN / SRN’s. A Delegated authority (DA) based approval module and the ability to integrated to any core financial platform to pass the relevant inventory, stock and payment entries.

Purchase Requisition Generator


This is a tool provided to all internal departments to create purchase requisitions The tool allows users to define their requirement for different purchase types or categories: IT hardware, machinery, services, stationary and incidentals, software, furniture etc..the tool allows users to create multiple requirement templates that can be reused. Define terms and conditions applicable for the purchase Define a vendor response template and compliance sheet Upload supporting documents that further explain the requirements and technical specifications Select bidders from amongst all registered vendors and extend the RFP to the selected bidders These sections can then be combined to create the Purchase Requisition

Knowledge Portal

The knowledge portal is the repository of history and previous purchases All purchase documents both generated and uploaded will be available Historical pricing through vendor response sheets Vendor performance records etc…will be available We now have an optional AI based interface for the Knowledge Portal, where the AI BOT can read all PDF documents uploaded and extract information from these documents with the user able to use conversation style search questions to retrieve data example “show me all Laptops purchases with SSD Hard disks”The BOT can also be tasked to search and retrieve data from specific website – by keying in the website and the BOT will use a scraper to pull data from each nominated website


Vendor Portal

The vendor portal is an online tool that allows vendors to register and upload all key details about the company and maintain a status with the business entity. The portal has several components: Vendor profile Vendor support documents – the business can define mandatory documents which are required for the registration (Certificate of Business Registration…..) Vendor Interface – the vendor can designate an officer to be the nominee and contact point for the vendor – the system will direct all communication to this contact point Email alerts are generated when the vendor is selected as a bidder for a particular tender Ability to view and download the requirement, terms and conditions and other documents Ability to login to the portal and complete the compliance form and defined response format Ability to upload any supporting documents for the bid The vendor portal will also contain the vendor’s history with the entity and a satisfaction rating and score from each interaction

Procurement Manager

As the name of the utility implies it is a control panel that allows a Procurement team to manage all procurement interactions with internal stakeholders and vendors

The dashboard and active screen provides an interface to manage the following 16 optional sub workflows

Supplier on boarding – this workflow is triggered everytime a supplier logs in and registers. This customizable workflow is triggered to the procurement team to review and accept or reject the registration.
RFP – this is invoked by the internal department users
Direct Purchase – If in the RFP section the user selected a single bidder and ticked direct purchase – the procurement team can action a direct purchase. The workflow is customizable, but the default is that there will be a bid request, which can be negotiated, and confirmed with a PO being generated for the preferred vendor.
Call for Bids – this workflow allows the procurement team to add new vendors or else send out he RFP to the selected vendors after defining a closing date and time
Review Proposals – this customizable workflow allows procurement to review and pass the responses onto the initiating department for review and for acceptance or rejection based on the response received and compliance.
Shortlist Bidders – this customizable workflow allows users to review all the bids received and short list bids that are auto ranked based on compliance. The user is able to select any vendor and shortlist based on intuitive preferences.
Negotiations – is a customizable workflow that allows users to add a message and pass on to one or more shortlisted bidders who will then be given access to modify their bid – the modification once received is updated and stored together with the initial bid.
Tec Review – this workflow allows the Procurement user to select a team to conduct the tech review and update their findings in respect of each of the bids and rate each bid. Then each member has the option of counter signing the findings and ratings. There is also an option to gave a CHECKER function for the selected Evaluation Committee to be approved. Once the Tech eval is completed there is a parametrized option for a Financial evaluation which is also by committee
PO Generation – the workflow when triggered checks the value of the PO and channels same to the relevant approver for signoff before the PO is generated and issued. The DA module will be interfaced with the PO generation workflow, so that the necessary approval levels can be defined
Contracting workflow – if a contract is required the system has the option of uploading a document, defining the signatories and having the document digitally signed using a digital signature. Alternately the contract document can be generated from the system to a given template. Or the vendors contracts can be reviewed and signed off.
GRN / SRN generation – this workflow will allow the user department or Procurement to accept the goods or services delivered by the vendor and accept or reject same. The system will generate a GRN/SRN which also contains the value of the goods and services received triggering a payment workflow.
The Payment workflow will permit procurement to update an invoice from the bidder and get the invoice approved based on a predefined process so that an advance payment or a GRN based payment can be approved and processed
Edit workflow – this workflow allows the originating department to edit the RFP and re broadcast to all the selected bidders, to change the closing date for bids or to change the list of bidders facilitating a rebid.
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