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Add your leads into the system

View leads and allocate to a user for followup

Upload proposals and other documents to the lead

Add actions points to self and to others

View Potential Sales in different stages of the Sales life cycle

Track Lost Sales

Convert Successful Sales

Add sales targets and measure performance

Adding Leads

Use a defined mobile app to record details from the field including pictures.

Use a GUI designed and included on the system.

Use an excel file which is uploaded to the system and the lead distributed based on a data set

Users who add leads are considered lead generators

Track effectiveness of lead generators based on : Engagement achieved / Leads converted / Leads lost

Allocating & Converting Leads


Leads can be allocated to different users for conversion


Add direction using action points


The responsible use can access any resource in the organisation using action points


All relevant documents can be included and viewed (Proposal /Solution outline )


Converting leads is via a simple workflow with an approval


Those engaged in converting a lead are considered lead converters

The Sales Cycle

We’ve Got your Entire Sales Cycle Covered

The Sales Cycle

Solution Components

Mobile app to add leads
Qualify leads
Lead summary panel
Lead view with details and documents
Action points chat function
Lead conversion and data entry interface
Lead converter dashboard
Lead summary dashboard
Lead generator dashboard

Benefits of the Solutions


Capture leads on the field


Capture leads from social media


Visibility of leads added


Move leads through the process


Easy access to all customer correspondence


Single click to access all docs


Highlight top performers


Analyse sales cycle and time

Improved Visibility over the Process

Visibility to Give You Insights

Never Forget a Sale Call or Follow-up

The action point process and chat function ensures you don't miss an interaction with a potential customers

View leads in the summery panel, based on the stage in the sales cycle

Track and Reward Performers

View lead generators - See the engagement and conversion ratio for leads generated

View lead converters - Understand conversion ratios vs loss ratios and cycle times.

Cascaded view of leads from individual - team - enterprise

Leverage Technology to Drive Sales

Allocate leads based on capability and workload
Allocate leads based on geographical location and distribution
Mobile app to capture leads from the field
Integrate to social media platforms
Capture leads from trade fairs and exhibitions - Excel upload
Email and SMS alerts to the leads
One glance dashboards
Gamifications to drive performance


5 Users

Product config
One Time Cost

Rs. 150,000.00

Monthly Support & Hosting

Rs. 12,500.00



10 Users

Product config
One Time Cost

Rs. 250,000.00

Monthly Support & Hosting

Rs. 20,000.00



25 Users

Product config
One Time Cost

Rs. 500,000.00

Monthly Support & Hosting

Rs. 30,000.00



50 Users

Product config
One Time Cost

Rs. 1,500,000.00

Monthly Support & Hosting

Rs. 40,000.00



Above 50 Users

Product config
One Time Cost

To be discussed

Monthly Support & Hosting

Support + Mobile + Licensing


To be costed

Functional Matrix