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People-Edge is a solution that encompasses several functional components coming together to allow organizations a better handle on their on-field employees. The module enables you to create rosters and track the arrival and departure of employees for their shifts, ensuring employees are at the correct location, at the right time, and providing clear visibility of the time spent at a particular location as assigned via the shift allocation. The system can generate invoices for customers based on the shifts completed and generates payroll schedules for all employees based on actual arrival and departure times when work is being clocked into the system, via the provided mobile app.

The People-Edge module is best suited for companies that provide services, such as; hospitality, facility management, cleaning, electrical maintenance, HVAC maintenance, pest control, gardening, landscaping, etc., and can be used as an instrument to track their employees on the field. The sole purpose of it is to ensure that employees arrive on time to start shifts, and provide services on time to the specific geographic location that has been allocated to them.

The solution has additional functionality that can be used when on-boarding new employees, to ensure all certification has been checked and verified.

The platform runs on the cloud, and all customers have access to a mobile app and an online portal. These can be useful to lodge complaints, request services, view quotations and approve them. Similarly, company employees and service providers have access to dashboards, mobile applications, and admin panels where the work can be managed and allocated to on-field employees. The files will be on XML or JSON and passed via a web-service that is given by the core-system.

Problem statement

How do you guarantee quality service to your customer? Can you ensure employees who are allocated to perform work at customer sites arrive on time, stay the full duration of the shift and leave only after the shift is completed, having completed the work allocated during the shift?


Problem description

Many companies that provide facilities and services are not able to track their on-field employees accurately. In turn, they suffer by receiving complaints from customers, having to incur higher expenses to manage customer service and customer expectations, or pay the ultimate price of customers switching to the competition.

The main challenge such companies face is that employees may not arrive on time to start their daily shifts as they know they’re not being monitored by their employers. Therefore, starting and ending shifts at their convenience by being late to their allocated worksite or leaving early before the shift ends, which is non-compliance in terms of the customer contract.

Paying customers depend on these employees to deliver the requested service on time to the fullest of their capabilities.

Employees can also clock false times in their jobs card when in reality they have been late. They may not visit the job site on certain days but may enter the shifts on their job cards.

The system is designed to handle the on-boarding process for new employees with a series of checks and approvals. Ensuring that all correct documents have been handed over at the point of registration, making the process less time consuming and more efficient for the company.

The People-Edge platform can be used to create and allocate daily shifts to employees working not only in distant geographic locations, but employees in the same region, making it hassle-free and easier for employees to receive jobs.

Employees receive their shifts on the mobile and can accept or reject them. All notifications are displayed in the dispatch dashboard. Once employees have accepted a shift, it is confirmed on the dispatch dashboard and the employee should clock in at the right time and at the right geographical location.

The employee mobile app allows employees to clock in while the system checks and generates an alert if they’re not within the correct geographical location at the time of check in or if they are late to check-in.

If an employee if sick on the day or is unable to turn up for a shift due to a personal or medical emergency, the app allows them to communicate with the dispatch manager and inform them the shift will need to be reassigned to another available employee.

When the employee completes the allocated shift and clocks out, the app validates the clock out location and generates an alert to the dispatch manager if the employee is either late checking out or not in the correct location at the time of checkout.

The dispatch manager screen is the nerve center of the solution, providing instant notifications when employees are unable to attend a shift on short notice, on clock in and clock out delays, or if an employee is not at the correct location for a clock in and clock out.

The system can be setup to generate monthly invoices to clients based on the shifts performed, and for employees based on the actual time spent at the customer site, with different rate bands for nights, weekends, and public holidays, as well as extra time or over time clocked.