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In the service sector very often the difference between players in the industry is the service provided to customers.

Service comprises both the customer interaction and the process of delivering the final promise to the customer.

Based on Parasuraman’s service marketing triangle eDGEVANTAGE helps organisations make promises to clients with the knowledge that they have the tools to manage their processes, to measure service delivery, and ensure the promise is met.

Edgevantage is a cloud based, mobile integrated business process management platform that provides 3 distinct functions for businesses:

Workflows – this is the ability to control and mange processes by digitising them and defining the logic that enables Edgevantage to route the process to right person as each task in the process is completed. Workflows give you control over the process. The ability to ensure the correct process (all steps) is followed every time and most importantly giving businesses visibility on the health of their processes.

Document Management – documents are an integral part of any process and with Edgevantage you can attach any digital document to the process and make it available for staff during processing. The system can also generate documents based on templates and deliver them to clients via email automatically or even allow these documents to be printed and delivered to clients.

Decision support – this probably the biggest differentiator between Edgevantage and many other workflow and DMS systems available globally. While Decision Support directly refers to our ability to manage and process large volumes of data and present them in a meaningful manner that users can process and make informed decisions. It is also encompasses our ability to provide a large core of functions that would normally be in the domain of an ERP or a functional platform. We have been delivering much more than simple workflows to our customers that many of our customer now define workflows inclusive of the large subset functionality that we provide customers to manage their processes.

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