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A Single Screen View on the Health of Your Processes

Regardless of whether you are a Chief Process Officer of a company or the Head of a department, you need information to run your team, to understand how the company or team is performing in terms of its processes.

Some of the key matrices you need to understand are Process and Process Efficiency related, while others are more specific to your business. eDGEVANTAGE can give you a graphical representation of both in a single screen.

This is the value addition delivered by using eDGEVANTAGE to power your processes. We can deliver these dashboards to you on your mobile, either via a mobile application (Android or IOS) or as a browser based view on the home screen of your login.

These same screens are usually customized for each client in terms of business related dashboards, while the Process and Efficiency dashboards are common utility deployed for all clients on request.

There are primarily two main segments of graphical screens:

Process Dashboard 1

Process Dashboard 2


As mentioned there are some dashboards which are Process related and measure the Efficiency of a Process or a group of Processes

  • They look at how efficient Processes are running
  • What percentage of Workflows run straight through
  • How much rework exists within a process
  • How many Workflow still remain open and how long they have been open
Processes Run Straight Through 48%
Processes with Rework 54%
Number of rework tasks 1654

Business Dashboards

Other dashboards are more Business specific: Example of dashboards implemented include:

  • Standard Chartered Bank – number of Processes within the Credit team and their ageing.
    • SCB is one of our longest standing clients who has worked with us for over 10 Years
    • eDGEVANTAGE provides Process automation and enhances the visibility of the progress of Processes within the Organization
    • While we work extensively with the Consumer banking teams, the Credit and Credit initiation teams and the Operations Teams use our products extensively with almost 40 different workflows
    • For the Credit and Credit Initiation teams we provide dashboards to show the numbers of: The Loan and Card applications being received at the unit, the  Card and Loan applications still to hit the team but already in the process, and the cards and loans already within the team and the number of days spent within the team
    • Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 – and over 3 days
    • This enables the Head Credit Manager to monitor the progress of Processing within the Credit teams, ensuring they meet the SLA promised to client
  • International Distillers Limited – Sales Vs Targets Analysis –
    • IDL record their Sales from the field on the Mobile App provided
    • The data captured by the Sales Teams is then compared and whetted against the Planned budgets
    • This allows all of the Sales figures and performance of the Sales team to be visible to the Management team and the board
    • The data is updated in real-time, and the System provides accurate reporting that supports corrective action to address emerging issues
    • We are already discussing Additional Functionality to IDL around their Sales Team
  • The Grand Melbourne – Usage and Bookings at each of the Venues
    • This entire solution is based on acrive dashboards
    • The solution runs on panels that can be manipulated and show the availability and revenue generation from each venue
    • The Solution includes mobile dashboards for different users and the Business owner, and offers an overview of how Events are running
95% Loans & Cards Underwritten within 3 days
112% Current Performance Month todate Against Target
100% Cards and Loans Approved within 3 days

SCB - Sales Leader Board - Cards, Loans and CASA

IDL Leaderboards - total sales in cases with break-down

Leader Boards

  • Leader Boards are a graphical representation of where your Team Members are in Comparison to each other
  • Leader Boards are part of our efforts at gamification – where it stimulates and motivates Staff to perform at their optimum, since good performances are visible and recognized by the organisation and each other
  • We have created leader-boards for several clients including Standard Chartered Bank and International Distillers Limited
  • Both Leader Boards were designed and customized for each client
  • The SCB Leader Boards show the performance of the Sales Teams and individual Sales persons against the agreed targets
  • The IDL Leader Boards show the performance of both the Sales Teams and Regional Sales Managers against agreed targets
eDGEVANTAGE made it so simple to track our Sales Performance over time as well as tracking what categories were performing to ensure our Sales and Marketing efforts were as planned month on month.
Sumit Law
CEO - International Distillers Limited
I use the dashboards to ensure the Credit Initiation Team and the Underwriters complete their work ontime with SLA. I usually walk into the departmenbt at around 0930 hrs each day so that the team have time to complete all tasks that are in the RED (Over 3 days)

It has helped me ensure that Credit complete their tasks with SLA always

Udaya Wijesena
Former Country Head of Credit - Standard Chartered Bank

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