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Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank has had a long standing relationship with ASP that spans over 10 years, and we have delivered several innovative solutions that helps the bank manage its customer deliveries. Improve visibility, manage group reporting and track customer experience, especially with regard to Turn-Around-Times. We handle over 25 workflows for SCB with the Bundled workflow which includes CASA, CARD and LOAN on the same workflow. The solutions includes an AI component to analyze and auto grade CRIB reports and also ensure that significant system resources are invested into identifying potential fraudulent applications using multiple external databases, the information entered into the data capture forms and the mandate as well as the applicants CRIB report.

There are many different processes and functions managed on the system including:


The Bundled workflow

To create new current and savings accounts as well as underwrite both loans and cards – this includes all supplementary services for CASA and a host of validations and checks to identify, report, and investigate fraud using data captured and patterns in the customers transactions with the bank


Combined Ops workflow

The Combined Ops workflow is a maintenance request workflow for all 3 streams CASA,CARD & LOAN.


Bonus Points Redemption workflow

Allows the banks customers to contact the call center and redeem points accrued on their credit and debit cards and generate vouchers to be redeemed at partners merchant outlets


Account FD and Card Closures

Manages the process of closing both accounts and cards, checking liens placed on the accounts and other validations and also ensures the correct process is followed for every closure


Card Amendments

Amendments to cards, including upgrades, down grades and other changes are handled with this workflow


Mandate Retrieval

The Mandate Retrieval workflow is used to check and retrieve mandates sent for archival and ensure they are returned to the vault


Branch and SME request workflow

This process allows the Branch RM’s and the other RM’s to make requests from the back office team from their customer accounts – This includes account to account transfers, card payments and other transactions


Phone Banking / IVR / Internet Banking

Transaction requests received by the bank from all of the above channels are validated and then processed allowing the bank to effect same day payments and electronically inform the various utility companies that payments have been made, while debiting their customer accounts the payout value and the bank charges.


Charge Back workflow

The system manages the entire process of flagging fraudulent applications and transactions, investigating these claims and flagging a transaction, an account or card. It also manages the process of recovering dues from the respective card company (Visa / Master)


Fraud checks and Dispute Resolution

The system includes a complete set of processes and checks & balances to flag and then investigate probable instances of fraud and fraudulent requests and maintain a database for easy reference.


Kiosk workflows and Comm Bank workflows

These workflows which are similar allow SCB to upload a list of transactions made at SCB kiosks and through Commercial bank and process these transactions and inwards remittances

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