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Edgevantage works by taking a process, breaking it down into components tasks, and ensuring each task in the process is followed...

Document Management

The edgevantage platform delivers integrated document management functionality to all users. The system allows any digital document ...

Decision Support

This is probably the biggest differentiator between Edgevantage and all other top global workflow platforms such as File Net Pro and ...


The eDGEVANTAGE platform now has the capability to provide dashboards, leader-boards and host of other graphical reporting elements...

Who Are We ?


We are Sri Lanka’s only dedicated provider of integrated workflow, document management and decision support services! With over 400 business processes automated in Sri Lanka alone, our Business Process Management platform eDGEVANTAGE is Sri Lanka’s most widely used BPM platform.

In addition to our pure workflow solutions, we have developed full ERP type solutions for several customers using the BPM platform as the base. Some of these customers include:


Our traditional workflow solutions are not quite traditional, since we provide an integrated Workflow, Document Management and Decision support solution to all customers. Where documents which are an integral part of a process can be attached and managed along with the process, so that all users will have access to the said documents for perusal and decision making. The system allows any digital document to be attached to each process and all documents are available for users while the process remains active and thereafter as part of the scoreboard function.

All business forms and checklists, inter-departmental registers are digitized and managed within the workflow allowing intelligent routing of the processes based on the data added to the data capture forms. The data is also used to index and retrieve the documents.

Integrations to core systems and other legacy systems allow us to retrieve data and present user’s information in graphical format to support accurate decision making. While integration into other core system allow us to write information into Core banking and Insurance Solutions to create accounts, underwrite cards and loans and other lending and liabilities products.

Our Other Awesome Core Features

Visibility and control can make a huge impact on value delivered to customers

Task Pad
Single glance View
SLA Indicator
View Specifics
The Scoreboard
Track & Trace
View Form data
View documents
Knowledge Portal
Search & View documents
Search on index
File View Option
Lodgment & Retrieval
Real-time Reporting
Real-time stats
Ability to react
Reduce Rework
Motivate Staff
10 Years of Experience
400 Business Processes Digitised
35 Customers in SL and Overseas
500 Mn Over Rs 500 Mn in Revenue